Sean Brophy

Sean Brophy has always had an interest in radio. Like many of his generation Radio Luxembourg was his first listening port of call until he outgrew the 15 minute sponsored segments. The arrival of Pickin' the Pops on the old BBC Light Programme with Alan Freeman plus the onset of the pirates ( Radio Caroline & Radio London in particular ) meant that the availability popular music on tap brought a lot more new sounds plus an indication of how this business might work.

In 1967 many of the pirates closed down as new legislation made their commercial operation more difficult. Sean sampled the new BBC Radio 1 & was particularly taken with presenters like John Peel, Bob Harris. Paul Raven & Alexis Korner. The apparent freedom that these new arrivals seemed to enjoy appealed to Sean & brought dreams of how he might perform in such a scenario.

Sean made his broadcasting presenter debut on Dublin station Jazz FM in 2000 with a straight ahead jazz breakfast show & began to hone his stripes as a jazz / blues presenter.
Stints followed on 103.2 Dublin City FM, Liffey Sound, Dublin South FM, Premier FM & 4FM.

While Sean is best known for his jazz shows he also presents music in many other genres on his current Wednesday weekly Midweek Music Miscellany show on 103.2 Dublin City FM.

Sean has a very eclectic personal music  collection & hopes to bring some of the alternative versions of Christmas Classics to Radio Snowflake during the 2016 run from 1st. to 26th. December 2016. 

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