Charlie Sheehan

Charlie Sheehan has been an enthusiastic fan of music radio from an early age. In the mid 1950s his music interests were encouraged by listening to BBC Light, Radio Luxembourg and the sponsored programmes on Radio Eireann. Throughout the 1960s these stations continued to satisfy the Sheehan need to hear good music on a daily basis and in 1964 Radio Caroline became another important influence. In the late 60s and early 70s the Radio Luxembourg mix of hard rock, soft rock, jazz and blues appealed to millions of listeners and along with BBC Radio One and Two gave listeners a wide choice of popular music to enjoy. Charlie spent many a happy day immersed in listening to great music radio at that time. American music from California, Philadelphia, Detroit, Nashville, New York, Chicago and all over the USA was available on these stations and on the American Forces Network. Charlie became a big fan of a programme called Voice of America Jazz Hour which aired nightly in the wee, small hours on VOA.  The 1970s and 80s saw the pirate stations gain huge popularity in Ireland and in Dublin. Charlie was a committed supporter and an avid listener. In 1982 he was invited to help out in a support role on the inaugural Radio Snowflake under the expert guidance of Dave Reddy who had a great talent for amalgamating high quality music radio and community broadcasting. Charlie remained with Radio Snowflake until 1988 and regards his time spent with the original Christmas music station as among the happiest of times. It is a source of great delight for him to hear Radio Snowflake back broadcasting the very best of festive music throughout the Christmas season. A Very Happy Christmas to all of the Radio Snowflake listeners around the world.

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